Questions and answers

What are the requirements for travelling to India ?

Please contact your Indian Embassy for details of all requirements.


What is the best time to discover Rajasthan?

There are basically three seasons in India: winter, summer and monsoon.
Visit Rajasthan in the winter and during the dry season. From October to March is the best time with dry and clear weather, when average temperatures are around 15°C to 25°C. Nights can be cold, 5°C to 10°C between November and February.
In summer, from April to end-July, heat becomes overwhelming and can reach 50°C in Jaisalmer. It is the ideal season to choose the Himalayas as a destination!
The first signs of monsoon appear end-May to early June with high humidity and short, violent storms. The monsoon lasts until end-September with torrential rains, when temperatures begin to drop. In general, avoid the monsoon period because you may encounter difficulties to travel. Flights have been cancelled and railway lines cut.

Here are temperatures and average rainfall in Bikaner:

(To find out about the weather in Rajasthan for the next few days, click on the picture!)


Is spicy food a real problem ?

It is fairly easy to avoid spices.
Apart from food purchased from small street vendors, which I don't recommend, all restaurants can prepare less spicy meals than usual.
They are familiar with European stomachs in tourist areas.

The most expensive hotels, where only tourist buses mainly go, usually prepare tasteless international cuisine. Generally speaking, these aren't the places I will suggest.

If your digestive system needs a bit of a rest, you can find fruit (bananas, apples, mandarins, etc), white rice and bottled water nearly everywhere.
I can also advise you on brands of mineral water you can trust. 


Is it easy to get Internet access ?

Almost all the hotels I suggest have Internet access: usually Wi-Fi, which enables you to connect with your own Wi-Fi equipment, or sometimes with a computer.

In every big city, many shops offer computer connection at very reasonable rates.

Also, Ranjeet offers Wi-Fi in my car ! You can connect with your own computer or tablet, iPod touch or Wi-Fi phone, when travelling, to check your email for example.
Ranjeet is perhaps the only driver who offers that anywhere in India ...


What kind of car do you have?

We propose 2 types of cars.

A Toyota Crysta, a spacious, confortable air-conditioned vehicle and suitable for Indian roads.
It is the equivalent of a French Renault Espace, and has 6 individual seats.

For maximum comfort, and optimal seating and space, the best number of passengers is three. The two back seats are less comfortable and passengers might not enjoy long journeys. I prefer to fold the seats and put your luggage in the back.

A Toyota Etios, which is a modern air-conditioned vehicle, suitable for Indian roads
It is the equivalent of a French new Dacia Logan.
It has a big place for luggage.


Is it possible to choose the hotels ?

For every city, I will suggest two hotels, the two addresses that in my opinion are the best place to stay (for either charm or luxury).
But if you want to change, no problem: everything can be adaptable to your preference.


Do you speak French ?

We don't speak french.
We are currently learning...
But for now, communication will be in English.

You can always communicate with signs, no problem! However, I prefer to take only clients with basic knowledge of the language of Shakespeare, it's really much simpler!


Are vaccines required?

There are no compulsory vaccinations. However, be up to date on vaccines in Europe (tetanus, diphtheria, polio and hepatitis). The hepatitis A vaccination is also a good idea. If you plan to travel for several months, get vaccinations for typhoid fever,  meningococcal meningitis if you stay in north India, and rabies for trekkers.

However, your family doctor knows you personally and will advise you better than anyone else. Remember to see a doctor at least 4 months before departure.


Who designed this website?

Olivier, a French client in November 2011, who has now become a friend. You can also find the story of his trip here:

Thanks to Deborah for the English translation.


What airlines to Delhi from Paris ?

Direct flights to Paris Roissy - Delhi, Air France ( and Air India ( propose alternatives., for example, can allow you to compare offers.


How does the commission system work?

Most drivers take their customers to shops, hotels and restaurants where they get a  commission.
The customer pays more without knowing it, and the store gives the driver a percentage of the amount the customer spends.

I have opted not to use this system. So, unless you ask me, I won't go with you when you go shopping. The merchant will not know what guide or driver you are with and you can get better prices (often up to 30% cheaper).

I don't want my clients to be "exploited" by this system. I prefer to really earn my living through the quality of my services and the tip at the end of the tour, always at your discretion, of course.